Bulk Landscape Bark, Compost and Woodchip Supplies

Bulk Landscape Bark

Welshlands Quality Bark and Organic products can be delivered on a bulk / wholesale basis. We service a wide range of sectors, including Amenity, Landscape Contractors, Local Authorities, Garden Centres, Nurseries, Builders and Large Urban Housing Developments.

We can provide delivery of our bulk bark or bulk compost in loads from 1 cubic metre up to 95 cubic metres. Deliveries are transported in small or large rigid tippers or articulated 45' tri-axle moving floors, box trailers.

All wholesale landscape products can also be delivered in “Jumbo Bags” of 1 cubic metre.

Quality Products at Trade Prices!

As well as the Bark and Woodchip, Compost and Soil Substitutes that can be supplied in Bulk Loads or small bags, we also offer the following products that are only available as bulk loads.

Sphagnum Moss Peat

Peat moss is widely used by gardeners as a soil additive. It loosens heavy clay soils, improving water holding capacity and helping retain essential nutrients in sandy soils. It provides organic matter and is ideal for creating your own compost mix.

Premium graded Sphagnum peat moss is used widely in the floral industry for wreaths or to line hanging baskets and is available in both bulk and 1 cubic metre IBC (jumbo) Bags.

Softwood Chips

Made from virgin softwood timber and graded to 45mm. High quality and perfect for walkways and equestrian arenas, this product provides an economical yet attractive alternative to bark mulches and is ideal for any landscaping or garden ground coverage application. Available in bulk and IBC (jumbo) Bags.