Bulk Compost

Bulk Compost

Welshlands supply Bulk Compost and soil improvers across the UK to a wide range of customers.

Wholesale Customers

We deliver Bulk Compost to a wide range of wholesale clients, including Amenity, Landscape Contractors, Local Authorities, Garden Centres, Nurseries, Builders and Large Urban Housing Developments.

Bulk Compost Deliveries

We have our own delivery network and can supply compost in Bulk Bags or Loose Loads of up to 95 cubic metres, nationwide. Deliveries are transported in small or large rigid tippers or articulated 45' tri-axle moving floor box trailers.

Small Bags of Compost

We can also supply small bagged (50, 60 and 75 litres) compost products in bulk quantities. This is not only ideal for clients who wish to retail these products on, but also for landscapers and other professional users who may need compost in easy to handle bags, but require bulk quantities.

Mixed Loads

Bulk bags of compost can also be delivered as mixed loads with our other horticultural products such as bulk chipped bark.

How to Order Bulk Compost

For further information about our range of Bulk composts and soil improvers, please call Welshlands on 01978 854666 or drop us a line by email.