Compost Products

Welshlands produce and supply a wide range of Compost products for retail and wholesale customers.

Organic Soil Conditioner

Organic Soil Conditioner

A natural composted fine bark product (0-10mm). Peat free and ecologically sound, it adds humus content to the soil, improves soil structure and helps retain moisture within the soil while increasing the air filled porosity (AFP) and preparing soil for planting in heavy/clay soils and creating better drainage.

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Organic Peat-Free Compost

Multi-Purpose Peat-Free Compost

A tried and tested peat free organic compost, produced from composted greenwaste, composted bark fines, and an added slow release organic fertiliser. Produced in accordance with the Composting Association Standards for composts - certified and accredited BSI PAS 100. The organic compound fertilisers added to our growing medium are to the Soil Association Certified Organic Standards.

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Multi-Purpose Peat-Reduced Compost

Multi-Purpose Peat-Reduced Compost

Perfect medium for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, planting on and re-potting both indoors and outdoors. Also ideal for hanging baskets, pots, troughs and planting out plants in garden walls. Contains essential plant nutrients and trace elements to ensure health, sturdy growth. This product contains compost produced in accordance with the Composting Association Standards for Composting.

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