Multi-Purpose Peat-Reduced Compost

Welshlands Multi-Purpose Peat-Reduced Compost is the perfect medium for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, planting on and re-potting both indoors and outdoors. Also ideal for hanging baskets, pots, troughs and planting out plants in garden walls.

This compost contains essential plant nutrients and trace elements to ensure health and sturdy growth. It contains approx 30% Vol/Vol of Composting Association Certified Organic Green Compost Graded 0 to 10mm as well as composted bark fines and an added slow release fertilizer.

Guidance on How to Use

Planters, Tubs and Window Boxes

Fill containers to 25 - 50mm from the rim, ensuring that drainage holes are not blocked. Plant as required and water.

Maintenance and Feeding

Four to five weeks after potting, use a liquid nutrient feed every 14 days during the growing season.


Fill pots 10mm from the rim - this allows for watering. Do not allow plants or compost to dry out.

Sowing Seeds

Fill trays with compost, water well and drain. Sow seeds individuall and evenly over the compost - cover with a very thin layer of compost (Leave Petunia and Lobelia uncovered). Only prick-out when the seedlings are large enough to handle.

Pricking Out

Fill pots and containers with compost, but do not water. Make a plant hole with a finger or plant dibber. Place a seedling into each hole and firm down gently. Water thoroughly and make sure that you do not allow the compost to dry out.

Useful Advice for using our Multi-Purpose Peat-Reduced Compost