Organic Multi-Purpose Peat-Free Compost

A tried and tested peat free organic compost, produced from composted greenwaste, composted bark fines, and an added slow release organic fertiliser. Produced in accordance with the Composting Association Standards for composts - certified and accredited BSI PAS 100.

The organic compound fertilisers added to our growing medium are to the Soil Association Certified Organic Standards.

Welshlands Organic Peat Free Compost is an extremely versatile product (Multi-Purpose), graded 0 - 10mm. It fortifies the soil by providing Humus and releasing a wide range of essential plant nutrients for many months.

Rich in organic matter for healthy growth, this compost contains aprrox 30% Vol/Vol of composting association certified organic green compost graded 0 - 10mm.

Guidance on How to Use Welshlands Organic Peat Free Compost

This organic compost can be used everywhere in the garden as a planting compost, soil improver or mulch: For fruit and vegetable plots, trees, shrubs and flower beds. It can be used at any time of the year.

Hanging Baskets

Line basket with moss or basket liner and fill with Welshlands organic peat free compost, leaving approx. 25mm from the rim. Position and plant plants ensuring that all roots are covered. Water thoroughly, as required.

Flower and Vegetable Beds

Use as a conditioner, one bag to one square metre. For best results, apply using a lawn rake.

Planters, Tubs and Window Boxes

Use straight from the bag for planters. Fill container to 25 - 50mm from the rim, ensuring that drainage holes are not blocked. Plant plants as required and water.

This compost is also suitable for potting up houseplants.

For transplanting Trees and Shrubs

Mix three parts of excavated potting soil with one part of multi-purpose organic compost.

Useful Advice